SEO explained

What is SEO?

Search engines want to return the most relevant search results for their users. If your sites content has been created for the benefit of your customers and relates to the term(s) they’re searching for, you’re already half way there. All that remains is to manage the off-site activity of your website…

Off-site optimization focuses on techniques used to increase Google’s perception of your site through the eyes of the searching public. It’s much like a popularity contest, whereby your website is competing with others for votes, but in SEO a vote is registered in the form of a backlink.

What is a back-link?

A back-link, is a link hosted on another persons website or blog, that directs those clicking it back to yours.

When you hear people talking about off-site optimisation, they’re generally referring to back-links. If you’ve looked into SEO before you will no doubt be familiar with the term ‘back-link’. Knowing what they are and how they can help is great, but it’s your understanding of their application that will define any search engine success you’re likely to have.

Each back-link has the potential to help or hinder your Google ranking!

When gauging the effectiveness of your backlinks it helps to think like a search engine. Before pointing any individual links back to your website you must first assign it a ‘relevancy score’ between 1-10. Think of it like this;  if you’re a cafe owner and you get a backlink from an escort agency the score would be low, as there’s no relevance or synergy between the two and a low scoring back-link could have an adverse affect on your rank. Whereas a back-link from a coffee supplier would carry a very high score, adding weight to your SEO effort – Each high scoring back-link acts like a vote of confidence, the more quality ones you have the more respect you’re likely to get from the search engines!

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